Erron H. Fisher is a founding partner of the Fisher & LaMonica, P.C., firm.  Years ago, Erron recognized that the practice of law was technologically behind other industries, both in business systems and trial presentation.  In founding Fisher & LaMonica, P.C., one of the goals was to make the law as accessible to our clients as they would like.  Client are able to follow the progress of their cases, or simply wish to be notified at important moments in the case.  Law is a hybrid service and wisdom industry--at Fisher & LaMonica, P.C., we pride ourselves on offering both unparalleled service and advice.  

Erron practices in many aspects of civil litigation from trucking crashes to complex, expert based medical negligence claims and finds the pursuit of justice on behalf of clients to be incredibly rewarding.  Erron's background and upbringing provide a unique understanding of the intricacies that a catastrophic injury bring to a home.  Erron uses his personal experience to both understand and advocate for his clients, recognizing future needs, often before the clients do themselves.

When not practicing law, Erron spends his time outdoors in nature with his family and playing with his over 300 lbs of rescue dogs, including a great dane/mastiff and a rottweiler/mastiff, and is involved in multiple local charities.  Erron prides himself on being accessible and working with his clients to achieve the best possible results.